Sooes Peak (Tsoo-Yess Peak)

Sooes Peak is the highest point in the Makah Nation in the Northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. This also means the fire lookout on the summit was the most Northwestern fire lookout in the lower 48 states. The peak has 1,708 feet of prominence but didnít get the fire lookout until 1957. The tower was moved from Neah Lookout, which was at a much lower elevation. The 80 foot steel tower was dropped or fell in 1973 and remains on the summit.
Elevation: 1,978 feet
Distance: Three-quarters mile
Elevation gain: 800 feet
Access: Gravel & Dirt Roads
Clallam County
Olympic Lookouts
Washington Lookouts
The access is on Makah Tribal Lands, do not visit without permission. The Makah Recreation Pass doesnít allow access to their forest roads.
The final half mile of road has been abandoned but shows signs of future rebuilding for timber harvest.
sooes peak map sooes peak map
1959 USGS
Sooes Peak lookout summit batteries footing footing footing Sooes Peak Steps Unknown tower tower
Clearing at the summit
Tower footings
Tower footing with USGS benchmark
Steps to the tower stairs
Communication batteries
Unknown item
Tower location 2017
Sooes Peak lookout on its side