Quilcene Ranger Station Training Site

The old Forest Service property located in Quilcene appears to have had a training lookout based on an old photo. Today, the property is owned by the Quilcene Fire Department. Although the lookout is gone, two of the structures from the original photo are still standing. The closer structure these days is used for training, specifically for entrapped firefighters with a small window used as the escape. I confirmed with someone at the fire station and another person at the current ranger station that the tower would have been used for wildland firefighting lookout training. But, still, looking closely at the structure, it had other uses as well. I believe that the dark cylinder on top is a water storage tank. The outrigger posts off the top were possibly used for hanging wet hose? Currently, there is gravel parking where the tower was standing. The house in the front was the Ranger Station must have been torn down or moved. Yet I found recent information online saying a house to the left of this picture was the historic ranger station. Looking at the house, it doesn't look like the one in the picture at all, and I don't think it was moved and/or added onto. This current standing house is on the US National Register of Historic Places. Maybe it was used after this photo was taken.
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61 Herbert Street
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2015 from same location
House on the National Register of Historic Places (photo from Wiki page).
Barn in 2015
1940 map showing Quilcene Ranger Station