From Quilcene drive south on US 101 for 13.5 miles to Mount Jupiter Road (Forest Road 2610-010) 2.5 miles beyond the Dosewallips State Park entrance. From the south, the Mount Jupiter Road is about a mile north of Duckabush Road. Follow Mount Jupiter Road for 3.5 miles and turn left on FR 2610-011. Follow this steep and rough road 3 miles to the trailhead. There has been a winter closure wildlife gate in the past blocking the road 2.5 miles before the trailhead (Oct 1 to May 1). Consider checking with the Quilcene Ranger Station.

Mount Jupiter

Mount Jupiter is on the Olympic skyline viewed from Seattle. Mount Jupiter sits a bit east of its neighbors so it gives the appearance of being much taller. A nice long 7 mile ridge running trail goes all the way to the summit. The former lookout site has excellent views across Puget Sound and up and down the Hood Canal area.
Distance: 7.2 miles
Summit Elevation: 5,701 feet
Elevation Gain: 3,600 feet
Access: Dirt and Gravel, subject to issues
Just follow the Jupiter Ridge Trail up, there are no side trails. It has steep elevation gains near the start and end of the trip. Be ready for some ups and downs in between. At 5.5 miles you enter the Brotherís Wilderness. The majority of views are not until the end so plan on making it there. There is no water in route in summer.
mount jupiter trail mount jupiter trail mount jupiter trail The Brothers route up jupiter Hood Canal jupiter north face Mount Jupiter trail map Mount Jupiter Road map jupiter access map
Here is a map showing some old logging roads that go much higher than the trailhead. I do not know if they are gated but it looked like they go up to a communication site. I remember when I hiked this (long ago) stepping off the trail a bit to look over the ridge only to see a nice road there, after climbing all that elevation.
The Brothers
Map showing the Mount Jupiter Road with a dumpster diver peak in there if you have time
Map showing the 7.2 mile trail to Mt. Jupiter. A small bump called Rhodie Mountain is in route.
Big snowbanks in the spring near the summit
Snow off the north side of the ridge
Looking north
Duckabush River Valley and Hood Canal with the Jupiter Ridge route on the left
Olympic Mountains
Olympic Lookouts
Lookout History
Built in 1933 or 1934, this wood frame ground house cab sat on the summit. In 1935, panorama photos taken from the roof. The lookout was destroyed in 1967 or 68. The Port Angeles Evening News reported in 1956 the station was still snowed in on July 7, while all the other stations have been manned. A USGS party in 1955 described the access as follows: follow the trail westerly for about 7 miles to the lookout house and station. This is about a 3.5 hour horse pack. The last two miles of the trail is very rough with several short switchbacks on the rocky, narrow trail. There is space on top of the peak, just east of the lookout house, where the pack string may be halted and led one at a time on up to the lookout. The lookout house is a 14-foot square frame building, 12 feet from the catwalk to the top of the roof. The eaves are 7.83 feet above ground level. The center of the lookout house is Station Jupiter 1940.
Mt. Jupiter lookout Mt. Jupiter lookout Mt. Jupiter Mt. Jupiter Mt. Jupiter National Forest
July 1965 Jupiter Lookout
1933 Olympic National Forest Map
Mt. Jupiter Lookout - North View - Aug. 27, 1935
Mt. Jupiter Lookout - Southeast View - Aug. 27, 1935
Mt. Jupiter Lookout - Southwest View - Aug. 27, 1935