1936 Olympic National Forest USFS Map

1936 base map with hand-colored overlay and legend dated 2/8/38.
Olympic Lookouts
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Lookouts Shown:
olympics map
Washington Maps
Washington Maps
Anderson Butte Lookout
Cook Creek Tree Lookout
Blue Mountain Lookout
Blyn Lookout
Burnt Peak Lookout
Dodger Point Lookout
Elk Creek Lookout
Higley Peak Lookout
Hurricane Ridge Lookout
Kloochman Rock Lookout
Kloshe Nanish Lookout
Lone Mountain Lookout
North Point Lookout
Mount Jupiter Lookout
Mount Townsend Lookout
Mount Walker Lookout
Mount Zion Lookout
Point Grenville Lookout
Simpson Lookout
Twin Lookout
Webb Lower Lookout