Distance: 3.5 miles one-way
Summit Elevations: 3,100 feet
Elevation Gain: 2,600 feet
Access: Good Gravel Road

Pyramid Mountain Trail

You can't miss Pyramid Mountain as you arrive at Lake Crescent from Port Angeles. It towers above the lake from this vantage. As you drive west along the shores of Lake Crescent, the pyramid shape slowly fades away into a long ridgeline. The Lake Crescent area of Olympic National Park is exceptionally unique for Washington since you can have some great hiking opportunities when the rest of the range is covered in snow. Pyramid Mountain is only 3,000 feet high, yet has the feel of being 4 or even 5 thousand feet high. The other major feature to Pyramid Mountain is the U.S. Army World War II Aircraft Warning Service Lookout on the summit. The park built the trail to the summit in September of 1942 to provide supplies for the shack. The lookout was finished in November 1942.

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Olympic Mountains
From Port Angeles, drive around 25 miles west on Highway 101. Just after winding your way along the entire south shore of Lake Crescent, turn right on Camp David Jr. Road. Follow it until you reach the North Shore Picnic Area.
From the parking area, follow a path down to the lakeshore picnic tables, turn right and the trail soon crosses Camp David Jr. Road. A nice paved switchbacking trail goes up to the Olympic Discovery Trail bike path. Directly across is the Pyramid Mountain Trail. Start up the trail as it slowly climbs, traversing east up the mountain. At 1.5 miles the trail works around a large landslide that closed the trail for several years. A few pictures below show us crossing it. Once past the landslide, the trail continues pushing up to a ridgeline. Then it follows the ridge over and around a few bumps before emerging on the summit.
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Lake Crescent from the washout area
Storm King Mountain
Looking south to Sourdough Mountain
The Lookout
Looking East
Trail sign on the Camp David Jr. Road
Pyramid Mountain across Lake Crescent
Start of the official trail from the paved Olympic Discovery Trail
Low elevation forest, salal and firns
Arrival at the old washout section (new trail goes around)
Crossing the old slide area (new trail goes around)
View to the SW
Looking east from the shelter
Big tree along the trail
Forest along the summit ridge
Cooking in the shelter
A re-modeled U.S. Army World War II Aircraft Warning Service Lookout
Olympic Lookouts