Blyn Lookout


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Blyn Lookout was built in 1934 by the State Department of Natural Resources, the Washington Forest Fire Association, and the Civilian Conservation Corps. The first lookout on this site was a 90 foot pole tower with 8x8 foot cab and ground house living quarters. That first year in 1934 "During the month of October, a violent wind storm swept part of the State, blowing down an estimated total of 500,000,000 board feet of timber. Wind velocities reached 74 miles per hour, and as the towers are on peak elevations, they were subjected to abnormal strains. All towers came through except one. In this case, the wind picked up the lookout cabin, and hurled it against one of the tower legs, at the 25 foot panel brace. The cabin was carried over 40 feet in elevation and over 100 feet in distance by the wind before it struck the tower, The cabin was literally blown apart, floor, roof and walls being separated into units. This was the new lookout tower at Blyn Mountain. It will be reconstructed in the spring of 1935." (27th Annual Report of the Washington Forest Fire Association)

The lookout was replaced in 1960 by a 40 foot timber 14 x 14 foot live-in cab tower. The cab and top 10 feet of the tower were moved to Beausite Lake in the 1970's. Blyn Lookout is not the highest point in the area. Also, although there is some communication towers on the summit, a nearby hill dubbed Blyn Mountain 2,120+ has at least 12 massive communication structures, and is more easy identified from distances.
Summit Elevation: 1,966 feet
Distance: Drive-up
Road Access: Good gravel roads
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This is a drive-up! No gates, just snow or tree-fall will prevent your access. The road is generally in good condition but has formed some bumps. Take Highway 101 to the small town of Blyn, at the head of Sequim Bay. Turn south onto Woods Road (also known as Snow Creek Road). Follow to a Y intersection with the Jimmy Come Lately Road, and turn left. Follow to another Y and turn left, then another left, then a right...well...just use the map provided!
blyn lookout blyn lookout blyn lookout map blyn lookout blyn lookout blyn lookout
Blyn Lookout in the 1930's with ladder
Blyn Lookout in 1954, with stairs
Scanned from my old Footsore books
blyn footings blyn footings structures
Today's towers
Looking Southwest - 1935
Looking Southeast - 1935
Looking North - 1935
All footings still in place
Footings, towers, buildings and access road
blyn lookout blyn lookout
The 1960 lookout after being relocated to Camp Beausite NW
(Photo year 2000 by Irene Potter)