The People Persuing Standing or Former Lookouts of Washington

Cascades Lookouts
Craig Willis became the first person to finish the Standing Washington Lookouts List on August 3, 2014 at Three Fingers Lookout. At the time of his completion, there were 93 Washington fire lookouts still standing at their officially used locations.
Craig Willis miners ridge lookout FFLA Gathering
Although there is a huge diverse crowd of people who enjoy visiting fire lookouts, the number of people actively trying to visit all of them is rather small. Many of them are peakbaggers who realize they have been to so many, why not just finish visiting them all. Even then, they are not prioritizing these trips but if in the area, will make a visit.

An even fewer number, maybe just a hand full of people are keeping track of every visit to the former lookout sites. The most obvious problem is that no complete list has been made of where they all were. There were somewhere in the range of 700 lookout sites at various times between 1915 to today. I am currently pursuing this list and at the same time, helping the list to be as accurate as possible. Below are some fellow lookout enthusiasts who help with collaborating information on locations and current access.
Paul Michelson became the second person to finish the Washington Lookouts list on June 13, 2015 at Miners Ridge Lookout. At the time of his completion, there were 93 Washington fire lookouts still standing at their officially used locations. This is a group of people who made the long hike there to support his completion.
Craig Willis 93 (Completed)
Paul Michelson 93 (Completed)
Eric Noel 69
Eric Willhite 62
Bob Pfeifer (RIP) 92
Former Cascade LO
Standing Lookouts Visited - Even If Now Gone
Craig Willis
Paul Michelson 227
Eric Noel
Eric Willhite 283
Bob Pfeifer (RIP)
Former Lookouts Visited
If you would like to be on this list or updated, email me
For now, since there is no defined list, these numbers are subjective. Also, since not all lookouts were on the summit, this list is about visiting the lookout site, not the highpoint of the mountain it was on.
Steve Fox 54
Steve Fox 85
FFLA Gathering 2015 (Daves Lookout - Spokane WA)
Lauren Shaw 53
Olympic Lookouts
SE WA Lookouts
NE WA Lookouts
Doug McKeever 59
Doug McKeever 109
Former sites are not exact numbers as some ambiguity exists of where lookouts were located on some mountains and if certain individuals are including lookout camps vs. actual structure sites.
Leslie Romer 67
Leslie Romer 350 (includes some AWS only sites)
End of year 2010: x remain
End of year 2011: x remain
End of year 2012: x remain
End of year 2013: x remain
End of year 2014: x remain
End of year 2015: 93 remain
End of year 2016: 92 remain