Ultra 57 Peak List and Reports - Ultra 57 Peaks
There are 57 mountains in the lower 48 states with a prominence of more than 5,000 feet. For an explanation on prominence, click the prominence link to the left. Typically, these are the highest point of a mountain range but a few of them independently rise high above their neighbors. Below are the ones I've done so far. Click the links or the images.
Climbing & Hiking

Mount Rainier, Washington

Pilot Peak, Nevada

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Flat Top Mountain, Utah

Mount Whitney, California

Arc Dome, Nevada

South Sister, Oregon

Mount Nebo, Utah

Ibapah Peak, Utah

Mount Graham, Arizona

Chiricahua Peak, Arizona

Mount Charleston, Nevada

Kings Peak, Utah

Mount Humphreys, Arizona

Mount Peale, Utah

Mount Timpanogos, Utah

Wheeler Peak, Nevada

Borah Peak, Idaho

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Mount Elbert, Colorado

Grand Teton, Wyoming

Mount Shasta, California

Lassen Peak, California

Mount Eddy, California

North Schell Peak, Nevada

Mount San Antonio (Baldy), California

Mount Stuart, Washington

Mount Baker, Washington

Glacier Peak, Washington

Abercrombie Mountain, Washington

Mount Lemmon, Arizona

Mount Hood, Oregon

Mount Olympus, Washington

Mount Adams, Washington

Climbed but no page up yet...

Gannett Peak, Wyoming

Pilot Peak Nevada Pikes Peak Colorado Mount Rainier Washington Borah Peak Idaho Mount Timpanogos Utah Mount Humphreys Arc Dome Ibapah Peak Kings Peak Flat Top Mountain Mount Nebo Mount Whitney California North Schell Peak Mount Eddy California Mount Shasta California Lassen Peak California Mount Peale South Sister Oregon Chiricahua Peak Arizona Mount Charleston Mount Graham Arizona Wheeler Peak Nevada Mount Elbert Colorado Mount Washington Grand Teton Wyoming mount baldy Glacier Peak Washington Abercrombie summit ridge Mount Baker Washington Gannett Peak Wyoming mount lemmon Mount Stuart Washington Mount Olympus Mount Adams Mount Hood

White Mountain Peak, California

Mount Jefferson, Oregon

Mount Jefferson white mountain peak

Mount Ellen, Utah

Mount Ellen San Jacinto

San Jacinto Peak, California