Lassen Peak from Lake Helen
Lassen Peak is a small volcano but large enough to have Lassen Volcanic National Park. A tourist trail climbs easily 2.5 miles from the main park road to the summit. Unfortunately, only a week before we climbed, a family was hit by falling rocks and a teen was killed. This is surprising as the majority of the route is on a ridge and safe from any dangers. Since this mountain was erupting in 1914-1916, the summit crater looks quite active. Lassen is the 9th highest Cascades peak and also on the Ultra 57 prominence list.

Lassen Peak

Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,000 feet
Summit Elevation: 10,457 feet
Access rating: Level 1
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Follow the main road through the park to the highest point in the road. The signed trailhead and massive parking lot will be obvious.
Follow the easy trail up to the summit. Interpretive signs are placed along the whole route. After the fatal accident, the trail was closed halfway up. Check with the park to see if it has re-opened. Since this is a quick climb, be sure to hike Bumpass Hell, a nearby trail to the best hydrothermal area in the park.
Mount Lassen trailhead Mount Lassen trail Mount Lassen trail closed Mount Lassen summit Mount Lassen trail Lassen crater Brokeoff Mountain Lassen ridgeline Lassen summit signs Mt. Shasta from Lassen Peak Lassen Peak map Lake Helen from the summit Lassen summit area
Trailhead and start of trail in shade
Lassen Peak from Lake Helen
Looking back to the parking area
On the trail with the main ridge in view
Trail closed sign about halfway up the mountain
Stuff on the summit
Trail and Brokeoff Mountain in the distance
Higher on the ridge
Inside the crater
Signs just below the summit
The final climb to the top
Lake Helen from the summit
Mt. Shasta from Lassen Peak
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