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South Sister is the third highest peak in Oregon and the highest of the Sisters. This would be a good peak to climb in combination with a vacation to Bend, Oregon. In summer, there is a nice trail to the summit. South Sister is one of 3 volcanoes (the others being Hood and Fuji) that I always hear gets the most climbers in the world. I have given up trying to know which it is. This is a really nice area of Oregon with several volcanic peaks to look at along the way.
South Sister, a long approach in winter
Just followed this ridgeline
Camping just below treeline
Mt. Bachelor
Broken Top
North Sister, Jefferson, Hood, Adams

South Sister

Distance: 6 miles (South Ridge)
Elevation Gain: 4,850 feet
Summit Elevation: 10,358 feet
Access rating: Paved
The Route: Hiking, Climbing and Travel
South Sister from Devils Lake
Oregon Climbing
Ultra 57
I did this trip in late November, starting from the Mt. Bachelor Ski Area. It was 6.5 long miles walking snowmobile trails, on the snow covered highway. When I got to the trailhead, I was rewarded by the frozen trail of one snowmobile that maneuvered his machine from the trailhead to near the tree line. This saved me from deep snowshoeing for the first 2 miles in forests. Because the trail was covered in snow, I really canít describe where the trail went but since this is such a popular hike, Iím sure youíll find your way. I camped the first night just below tree line. In the morning, I got climbing up the obvious ridgeline west of Moraine Lake. The way was easy, following the ridgeline west of the Lewis Glacier until finally hitting the crater rim. From there Iím told the trail traverses around the rim on the east side to the summit. I believe I just crossed what apparently is the highest lake in Oregon inside the crater to get to the summit. By the time I got back to camp, the day was over and I was spent. The following morning was a long but happy trek back to my car where I cleared a foot of snow off it.
From Bend, drive west on the Cascade Lakes Highway for 27 miles. Turn left at Devils Lake Campground. The sign for the South Sisters Trail head is at the end of the campground parking lot labeled "South Sister Climbers Trail 36." A Northwest Forest Pass permit is required to park at the trailhead. (At 21.5 miles from Bend youíll reach the Mt. Bachelor Ski Area the winter start.)
South Sister trail from Devils Lake
The trail just north of Devils Lake
Camping North Sister, Jefferson, Broken Top Mt. Bachelor South Sister Mount Bachelor Broken Top camping south sister route south sister view climbing Moraine Lake climbing south sister waterfall Middle Sister Mt. Bachelor Broken Top south sister falls summit
Mount Bachelor
Mount Bachelor
Near tree line
Morning view
North and Middle Sister
Broken Top
Waterfall along the trail
Broken Top
Near the summit
Moraine Lake
On the flat above Moraine Lake
Morning with Mt. Bachelor
Broken Top