McCue RidgeLookout

Lookout elevation: 5,136 feet
Elevation gain: 300 feet
Distance: 1 mile from Scottish Lakes High Camp
Access: Easy hike or snowshoe
Located at an obscure location low on McCue Ridge, this lookout was built in 1931 and used until sometime in the 1950's. Photos show it was a L-4 cab on top of a 40 foot tower made of timbers cut from the area. We are also lucky to have photo survey panoramas taken on Oct 3, 1934 showing the view in all directions. The lookout location at has re-grown its forest so views are very limited. Although, in 2014, the Chiwaukum Creek Fire burned over the ridge allowing some limited viewing of distant peaks. Some of the remnants that remain are the cement footings, telephone wires, parts of a woodburning stove, old cans and dishware. The original trail and phone route to the lookout was a trail that dropped down to Chiwaukum Creek. There is a nice trail that goes from near Highway 2 up the Chiwaukum Creek Valley but finding the old spur trail that branches up to McCue Ridge to the lookout is difficult to find. The best access is from the Scottish Lakes High Camp at 5000 feet, less than a mile away.

Washington Fire Lookouts

Former Lookouts
McCue Ridge McCue Ridge McCue Ridge McCue Ridge McCue Ridge McCue Ridge
View Southwest 10-3-1934
View Southwest 11-27-2015
View Southeast 10-3-1934
View Southeast 11-27-2015
View North 10-3-1934
View North 11-27-2015
scottish lakes trail map McCue Ridge Lookout McCue Ridge Lookout
Image by Ken Wilson (Leavenworth Fire Boss)
1938 Image by Austin Post
footing footing
2015 Visit: Found 2 footings just above the snow
From the saddle to the NW of the 5,136 foot knob
footing mccue fire lookout mccue fire lookout mccue fire lookout mccue fire lookout mccue fire lookout
Other Pre-2014 Fire Images from the Web
phone line
Phone insulator found on Chiwaukum River Trail
(Photo by Cowbell
Post-Fire Images from Scottish Lakes High Camp Website
McCue Ridge McCue Ridge
Old woodstove and aluminum pan lid
McCue Ridge Map Burn Area
Chiwaukum Creek Fire Burn Area
Lookout Site
1965 62,500 Series
McCue Ridge Map
Showing the route I took from High Camp (a few logging roads were used or crossed but the terrain is fairly open)
For easy access, visit this site:
Scottish Lakes
Above: 1957 250,000 scale Below: 1940's
map terrain map eyebolt
Anchor bolt
Terrain Map
chiwaukum map
1915-1945 map