Sauk Mountain Lookout Site

The first building placed on Sauk was a cupola cabin in 1928. A R-6 Flat Top cab and tower replaced it in 1957, flown up in pieces by helicopter. It was removed in 1986. This was just a month before my visit. The Sauk lookout was used during WWII as an Aircraft Warning Service Station "Yoke 6-5". It was inactivated October 1943 and went back to the Forest Service for continued use for fire detection. No new improvements by the AWS.
Former Lookouts
WillhiteWeb.com: Washington Fire Lookouts
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Looking south down the Sauk River Valley toward Darrington
Mount Baker
That is me...my first lookout site visited
Our group hiking the switchbacks
On the summit
Looking down to Sauk Lake
Looking SW
South to White Chuck Mountain & Sloan Peak
Glacier Peak on left
Mt. Baker
sauk mountain map Sauk Mountain lookout sauk mountain sauk mountain sauk lookout sauk mtn sauk mountain sauk mountain sauk mountain
Lookout in 1943
Lookout in 1979
Original Lookout
Lookout in 1967
Original Lookout
View North 8-27-1935
View Southeast 8-27-1935
View Southwest 8-27-1935
Summit Elevation: 5,500 feet
Distance & Gain: 2 miles, 1,200 gain