Former Lookouts
Gumboot had a cupola built in 1920. In 1931, an L-4 cab possibly replaced it. Below are some great articles dug up by lookout enthusiast Ron Kemnow.

July 23, 1919: "In small bundles strapped on horses, the 7000 pounds of parts for the lookout house destined for Gum Boot lookout on the Yacolt burn, is journeying toward its destination. The new structure is the first that has been made to order under the revised plan for lighter weight buildings. It was put together in a Portland mill and knocked down for packing. In the load are included doors, cupola and windows for four sides of the cabin." (Oregonian)

October 5, 1920: "A new lookout has been completed on Gumboot mountain, east of Yacolt, under a cooperative arrangement between the forest service, the state of Washington and the Washington Forest Fire association, Supervisor F.H. Brundage of the Columbia national forest has announced. The lookout is of the standard type. This is the third lookout built on the Columbia this year, the other two being on Lookout Mountain and Little Huckleberry." (The Oregon Daily Journal)

October 9, 1920: "A standard lookout cabin for observation by forest rangers has been completed on the top of Gumboot mountain, back of Yacolt, by John Huffman and John Meyers of the forest service. Three and a half miles of trail was made to the summit and the material for the cabin, weighing 6000 pounds, was packed up from the end of the logging railroad of the Clarke County Timber company. This is the third standard cabin built this year in the Columbia national forest." (The Oregonian)

August 19, 1927: "Whipped into fresh fury by a strong east wind, forest fires in the Columbia national forest in Washington. All crews had to be removed from the Siouxon fire district at once before the advance of the flames. Replacement for the ranks of fire fighters were sent today from Portland. It was believed that the Siouxon, Gumboot and Look Out mountain lookout stations will be burned. Instruments have been removed and the houses abandoned." (Statesman Journal)
Access & Route:
With such crappy access, and road maintenance issues likely to occur (washouts, fallen rocks, trees blocking, brush overgrowing), I will just leave it to my map below. The final road was overgrowing fast as of 2017. Some minor cutting was done so jeeps could make it to the summit. I nearly made it but stopped shortly before the summit. Note on map that FR 53 (once was paved) came close to the mountain but it lead to a dead end in 2017 due to washouts at the bottom.
Elevation: 3,8564 feet
Hiking Distance: : Up to one mile or so
Elevation gain: 500 feet or less
Access: Rough, poorly maintained roads
Skamania County, Washington

Gumboot Mountain Lookout Site

gumboot mountain map gumboot gumboot
Looking Southwest - July 9, 1937
Looking North - July 9, 1937
Looking Southeast - July 9, 1937
gumboot mountain lookout Mount Hood gumboot mountain
Gumboot in 1944
Gumboot in 2017
Mount Hood
Mount St. Helens Mount Adams gumboot lookout gumboot lookout gumboot gumboot gumboot
Looking North - 2017
Looking Southeast - South - Southwest - 2017
Looking West - 2017
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