There isn't much to this forested highpoint that towers over the I-90 corridor in the Issaquah Alps. Although much of Grand Ridge is now a County Park, this is the highest point on Grand Ridge which is definitely private property. There is a road to the top, or at least within feet of the summit. Several homes are on top with one particular looking like it holds the highest point. Interestingly, it looks like a benchmark, the home has a circular awning around the entire home, which is also circular in shape. I looks like it was built in the 1970's, a design that was probably pretty modern at the time but looks goofy today.

Grand Ridge North

Distance: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 1,422 feet
Prominence: 892 feet
Access: Paved/Private
The Basement
The road up is straightforward if you print the map. What needs to be said is that the road is marked as a private drive and no trespassing signs are encountered. Still, there are no gates and there is some room to do a U-turn at the summit where the road ends at three driveways that go in different directions. The road becomes private at a sign that says End of County Maintenance. The road actually gets better the higher you go. The homes below are older homesteads where the few at the top are much newer home sites.
Aerial view of the final switchback to the summit area
The turn-around area is the diamond spot on the right side of the picture
Topographical Map of the area
Lookout History:
Reports of a tower in the 1930s. More to come when found.
Former Lookouts