Profitts Point Lookout Site

Elevation: 1,360 feet
Distance: 1/4 mile
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Access: Ok dirt/gravel road
One of the earliest lookout stations along the Skykomish Valley and railroad corridor was Profitts Point, located on a perfect perch between the railroad towns of Skykomish and Scenic. At just 200 vertical feet above the valley floor, the views are far reaching and would be perfect when higher up lookout locations were socked in with clouds. Lookout data says this was a cabin in the 1920s and gone by 1938. The August 5, 1934 Osborne photo survey panoramic images show the knoll cleared, a cabin hiding behind a stump, what appears to be an outhouse/shed or two and 2 poles, one with the American flag waving strong. Today this flat perch is used for power lines as the high spot allows the lines to go a far distance without needing towers. No evidence is left that I could find, the power company towers likely required lots of ground disturbance to install. The catch here is that this site is on private property. To be legal, you will need the land owners permission or permission from the power company to use their easement.
Former Lookouts
Take Hwy 2 for a half mile past the Skykomish Ranger Station. Turn right on Foss River Road (Road 68) and follow 1.2 miles to a Y and the end of pavement. Go left onto a narrower dirt road. Follow it as it travels along the Tye River for 1.2 miles to a gate. At the gate find lots of signs saying No Trespassing. Talk to the owner beyond there.
Looking Southeast 1934
Looking Southeast 2015
Looking Southwest 1934
Looking Southwest 2015
Looking North 1934
Looking North 2015
profitts point map profitts north profitts point profitts point profitts southwest profitts point profitts southeast Gate sign
Gate at the power lines
One of several signs
rock fire lookouts
Zoom in of the lookout site structures
Tried to find the rock on the left, several contenders
rock object
Unknown items, maybe old powerline stuff
Washington Fire Lookouts
From the SW view