Deschutes Lookout

Located at the furthest southern extent of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the former Deschutes Lookout was said to be a fun place for an afternoon lunch break. The tower stood atop a hill at just 650 feet elevation but it was enough with the extra height of the tower to have a commanding view throughout much of Thurston County. says the Deschutes Lookout was a 100 foot wooden tower with an 8x8 cab, built in the 1930's, replaced by a 50 foot wooden tower with 9x9 AWS cab in 1942. It was followed by a 112 foot all steel tower in 1968, which was destroyed in Army practice bombing in 1994. Although it says this lookout was destroyed in a bombing training exercise in 1994, a source on base has records showing use of the lookout well past then. Also, bombings would never take place outside the impact areas, and so close to private residences that are located a half mile to the south. Today, nothing remains up there but a nice flat top for turning vehicles around.
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