Studhorse Mountain (Winthrop Butte)

Elevation: 2,680+ feet
Distance: 0.1 miles
Elevation Gain: 50 feet
Access: Good Road but Private Road
Located just above the town of Winthrop is Studhorse Mountain also known as Winthrop Butte. There was no structure, just a firefinder on stump used in the 1930's to possibly the early 1950's. Reports show it gone by 1953. The highest point is 2,680 feet but the 1934 photos appear to show it a bit south of the highpoint. Studhorse Mountain is private property, including the road that goes up the mountain. The hike is within sight of the property owners home.
Former Lookouts

Washington - Former Lookout Sites

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Looking Southeast 1934
Looking Southeast 2015
Looking Southwest 1934
Looking Southwest 2015
Looking North 1934
Looking North 2015
studhorse mountain map studhorse mountain
Route to the highest point on Studhorse Mountain, photo taken from Studhorse Mountain Road.