Newaukum Lookout

Distance: Drive-up or 0.5 miles
Lookout Elevation: 3,791 feet (3,760+ today)
Access: Gravel Roads, rough last half mile
The Newaukum Lookout site is located on an un-named summit, high above Newaukum Lake in an isolated section of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. I used the 1934 photo survey panoramas and the 1937 Forest Service Map to locate the spot. Previous researchers record there was an L-4 cab built in 1934 and destroyed in the 1960's. Today, a road still goes to the summit although it's getting rough and overgrown in places. The 1937 map shows a trail going nearly over the summit on its way to Newaukum Lake.
Former Lookouts

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newaukum lookout map newaukum access map newaukum topo map Newaukum Lookout
Nisqually Highpoints
1937 Snoqualmie National Forest Map
Newaukum Lookout at 3791
The Rockies Trip
Access Map
newaukum sign
Newaukum Lookout sign preserved at the Fire Lookout Museum in Spokane.
Newaukum Newaukum
Newaukum - Looking North - 1934
Newaukum - Looking Southeast - 1934
Newaukum - Looking Southwest - 1934
Newaukum Newaukum
Newaukum - Sup No. 1
Newaukum - Supr No. 1
newaukum Newaukum
Looking North - Newaukum Lakes
Mt. Rainier
Good weather photos above by Leslie Romer
Looking Northwest
Newaukum Lookout Site 2015
Newaukum Lookout Newaukum
Newaukum Lookout
Photo from Fire Lookout Museum - Spokane
Looking Northeast
Zoom looking Northeast to Mt. Rainier