Point 3510 Lookout Site


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Point 3510 has evidence the summit was used as a lookout. The point stood out high above the Humphrey Mountain Lookout giving views over a much greater area. Humphrey Mountain Lookout also had a phone line headed in the direction of Point 3510. An old road from the original harvest traverses over the summit area, skirting about 30 feet below the summit. The highest point is a distinctive flat area 10x10 feet that drops on all sides. Located at the spot is a very large and old burn pile. What's left is the remnants of dozens and dozens of batteries. Digging just reveals more and more. Effort would have to be made to carry all the burned items up to the summit from the road, just to burn there. Trying to answer why so many telephone batteries would be on a mountain summit so close to a former lookout site, there are few conclusions. The same batteries in similar condition were located at the Humphrey Mountain lookout site. I was shown the Point 3510 spot because DNR personal figured it must be a former lookout location and based on my experience visiting other sites, I would agree, likely a lookout camp of some sort that was connected with the Humphrey Mountain Lookout.
Elevation: 3,510 feet
Road Access: Restricted
See Humphrey Lookout For Reference To This Site
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Because of the burn, this flat patch on the summit remains open and brush free
Near the summit of point 3510, looking south to the Humphrey Mountain Lookout Site
Panoramic of the view east and south from near the summit
Cougar Mountain
Cougar Mountain
Logging debres near the summit
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