Flander Lake Lookout

With no name or any evidence other than one map showing a lookout, I dubbed this possible historic fire lookout site as Flander Lake Lookout. With the Rainier Lookout just a few miles to the north, I got some confused looks when I mentioned that a 1962 Metskers map shows a lookout on a highpoint just north of Flander Lake. The location is well known as it offers a 360 degree view, a rare thing on base property. The map says lookout tower but skeptics suggested it was just a lookout post or something for training. My thoughts was it pre-dates the Rainier Lookout site but until I get further evidence, I won’t really know. I was also told that this area was more recently Weyerhaeuser owned land. Being private lands before Army ownership, there very likely could have been a private lookout of some sort placed here, as well as the Army’s Rainier Lookout just to the north.

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