Sulphur Mountain


Washington Hiking & Climbing

This trail starts at the end of the Suiattle River Road. It climbs 4,600 relentless feet, all in the trees, to a small meadow ridge, the site of a former lookout. I have read trip reports about this trail for 20 years saying....don't do it! But, if you can muster some strength and continue to the real summit of Sulphur, all your efforts will be worth it.
North of Darrington on Hwy 530, take the Suiattle River Road 23 miles to its end.
Elevation: 6,200 feet at lookout, 6,735 feet at summit
Distance: 5.5 miles to lookout, 1.2 more to summit
Elevation Gain: 4,600 to lookout, 1,000 more to summit
Road Access: Good Gravel
Mtn. Loop Hwy.
Start down the Suiattle River Trail and in 0.2 miles is a sign and left turn onto the Sulphur Mountain Trail. The trail immediately climbs and doesn't stop until tree line. Bring a friend or some good music, because it is mind-numbing, although the steep open forest gullies are kind of interesting. After reaching the lookout location and you wish to continue, drop down the other side of the ridge to a col at 5950. Climb the ridgeline until you hit a bunch of huge boulders. It is possible to skirt about 100 feet below the ridge, although there are some boulders to work around. If you stay on the ridge top, you'll just have to hop the mammoth boulders. Continue beyond finding meadows and easier terrain on the south face of Sulphur to the summit.
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If you like looking at this for hours, you will love this trail
A little snow for variety
Lookout location from the north point of the ridge (off-trail)
Sulphur Ridge and Mountain
Suiattle River Valley from the lookout area
Glacier Peak from the lookout area
Sulphur Mountain from the lookout area
Sulphur Mountain Lake & looking north from the lookout area
White Chuck Mountain & Whitehorse Mountain
Dome Peak
Upper Suiattle River Valley from Sulphur Mountain
Lower Suiattle River Valley from Sulphur Mountain with lookout area on right
Looking north from Sulphur Mountain
Mt. Baker from Sulphur Mountain
Glacier Peak from Sulphur Mountain
Lime Ridge from the lookout area
Eldorado in far back
Looking east from Sulphur Mountain
Bonanza from Sulphur Mountain