Mountain Loop Highway Hiking

This page covers the Mountain Loop Highway and all the side roads that lead up to dead-ends at trailheads. If you don't know the Mountain Loop, the route leaves Granite Falls on Highway 92, reaching Barlow Pass deep in the Cascades. The road then turns north going to the City of Darrington. From there, Highway 530 heads back west until reaching I-5. Most of the side-roads are known as: Monte Cristo Road, Suiattle River Road, Squire Creek Road, Clear Creek Road, White Chuck River Road, North Fork Sauk River Road. There are also hikes that access the south end of Loggers Island (aka...south half accessed from Hwy. 530).

Mountain Loop Highway Hiking & Climbing

Washington Hikes

Trips on the Horizon:

Miniature/Siberia/Dahlberg/Holan Hights
Worthy Hill & Scotty Hill & 1800+
Olo Mountain
Mt. Ditney & Meadow Mountain
Long Mountain
Anaconda Peak (Gordon Ridge)
Helena Peak
Devils Peak, Devils Thumb
Beaver Peak & Anthracite
Morningstar and Lewis Peak
Sperry Peak
Peak 6215 (Heineken)
Cutthroat Lakes & Bald Mountain
Old Robe Trail
Kelcema Lake
Mount Dickerman
Forgotton & Stillaguamish
Three Fingers Mountain
Mount Pugh
Del Campo & Gothic Peak
Sloan Peak
Granite Falls to Barlow Pass
Barlow Pass To Darrington
Darrington to Rockport
Arlington to Darrington (Hwy. 530)
White Mountain
Glacier Peak
Disappointment Peak
Higher Squire
Lime Mountain
Green Mountain
Whitehorse Mountain
Round Mountain
North Mountain Lookout
Boulder River Trail

Granite Falls to Barlow Pass

Ulalach Peak
Ohio, Buckeye, Bullion, Salish
Jumbo Mountain
Breccia Peak
Bendal Peak
Dead Duck
Slodal Peak
Illabot Peaks
Pilot & Copilot

Barlow Pass To Darrington

Hurricane, Boulder, Blueberry Hill
Betty Jugs
Prairie Mtn. & White Prairie
Iron Mountain
Circle Peak & Rat Trap Mountain
Meadow Mountain
Dome Peak
North Star Mountain & Cloudy Peak

Darrington to Rockport

Gee, Golly, Big Gee, Awe, Gee Point
Mt. Cavanaugh, Frailey Mtn., Bald, 1080+, Ebey Hill
East Higgins
Mount Higgens Trail
Magnum & McGillicuddy
Rinker Ridge
Finney & Anxious Groom Mountain

Arlington to Darrington (Hwy. 530)

map Boulder River Cutthroat Lakes Disappointment Peak Glacier Peak Gothic Peak Green Mountain Higher Squire Kelcema Lake Lime Mountain Mount Dickerman Forgotton North Mountain Old Robe Trail Mount Pugh Round Mountain Sloan Peak Three Fingers Mountain Whitehorse Mountain White Mountain Ashland Lakes
Ashland Lakes
barlow point lookout tree red sulphur white chuck
Sulphur Mountain
Barlow Point Trail
White Chuck Mountain
Lookout Tree Trail
Red Mountain Lookout
Image Lake Plummer
Image Lake
Plummer Mountain