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Disappointment Peak

I do not recommend this peak or route. This trip was a result of bad research on my part. Somewhere I read that climbing Glacier Peak via Baekos Creek was the way to go. I was new to climbing and it was years before the internet changed the availability of information. I had no clue at the time about the climbers route up to Boulder Basin just a few miles to the north. I put this report up only to have a place to store my pictures before they go into the garbage. The trip was supposed to be a climb of Glacier Peak but ended on the appropriately named Disappointment Peak. Lately, Disappointment Peak has been climbed fairly frequently because of the approach from the south. With so many road closures for the western and northern approaches, access from the North Fork Sauk Trail has become popular. This requires a long off trail route from White Pass on the PCT but the scenery is excellent the entire way. If you do decide to do Baekos Creek, the brush is really bad in places. I think that is what caused us to go for the south ridge so early (see map below).
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Glacier Peak map Glacier Peak Glacier Peak Glacier & Baekos Creek Suiattle Glacier Glacier Peak Wilderness Glacier Peak Wilderness Sloan Peak White Chuck Valley south to Mount Rainier Disappointment Peak
Glacier Peak from the summit of Disappointment Peak
Looking up the south ridge of Disappointment Peak
Looking south to Mount Rainier
White Chuck Valley
West to Sloan Peak
Looking east
Suiattle Glacier
Looking NE from the south ridge of Disappointment Peak
Looking up Baekos Creek to Glacier Peak and Disappointment Peak
Glacier Peak and Disappointment Peak from PCT area of Baekos Creek
Disappointment Peak
Glacier Peak