Taneum Point Lookout

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The site of the former Taneum Lookout is now just a wide viewpoint along a popular Forest Service road. The lookout wasn't on the highest point of anything, just on a point that offered views into the Taneum drainages. No mention of the lookout is made at the site and all but a few signs of the structure remain. There are some eye-bolds anchored in the ground where the guy-lines were attached. You can also find 3 of the concrete foundations that were thrown off the landing if you drop off to the west. The lookout was built in 1932 and used until around 1962, then destroyed by 1975.
Find your way into South Cle Elum and onto 6th Street which becomes the Westside Road. Follow it just past the Mohar Road turn, to the large curve (shown on the map) where Forest Road 3350 will branch off. A sign might say Peoh Point 10 miles once you start up FR3350. The road is very well maintained for any vehicle. At the top of the ridge around 8 miles you hit a 5 way intersection. Continue ahead following the Cle Elum Ridge Road. Within a mile is another intersection, take a right which is still FR 3350. The road passes some nice campsites before reaching a sign on the right for Taneum Point. Pull off onto the spur and park where the lookout once stood.
Distance: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 3,960 feet
Road Access: Good gravel roads
Former Lookouts
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Above: Taneum Point Lookout Below: Same shot with no lookout
Taneum Point access road
Three footings thrown off the landing (one is under the tree on the right)
Taneum Point
forest fire
And there happened to be a mid-october forest fire in view from Taneum Point
One of the footings
taneum point lookout
Taneum Point 1958
Eyebolt 2