Three Mile Post Finder and Platform

Lookout elevation: Unknown
The Three Mile Post Firefinder was reported as a training lookout, a firefinder only, said to be located at the 3-mile post on the Corral Pass road. The first information about this site was obtained from the list in the book "Lookouts Firewatchers of the Cascades and Olympics". I do not know where they came into the information. Later I found information while researching AWS sites. When the AWS program was searching for a winter location in the White River Valley to replace the summer station at Sun Top Lookout, there were two options being considered. One was Snoquera, known today as Camp Sheppard, the former Boy Scout Camp, now a trailhead. The second location they were considering was “a post on the Corral Pass Road”. “Mr. Carroll went to the point south of Deep Creek in Section 35, T.18N., R. 10 E., where there is a low observation platform”. I have skied and driven this road numerous times. I will try to do a special site visit in the future to identify a location. More info once I visit.

Washington Fire Lookouts

Former Lookouts
corral pass road corral pass topo map
Locations one and two depending on where you start
Suntop Lookout Mutton Mountain Crystal Mountain
Image from the web at a pull-out around the 3 mile mark...looking up toward Mutton Mountain
Google Earth view looking SW from where I think it was
Google Earth view looking NW from where I think the Three Mile Post Firefinder was.
There was a Buck Creek firefinder manned by Suntop Lookout used in 1930's and 1940's. Location may be as high as 5,592 feet.
Suntop Lookout
Crystal Mountain
Ranger Creek Landing Strip
Buck Creek
three mile three mile
Aircraft Warning Service document - August 31, 1942
Aircraft Warning Service document - September 3, 1942