Rooster Comb Mountain - Considered Site

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Looking North - August 2, 1936
Located in the Green River Watershed between Smay Creek and the Green River, this seldom visited location was photographed in 1936. The panoramic images were taken not at the named summit but a ridge to the south. When the photos were taken, the ridge was recovering from a fire. This particular point in the ridge is fairly rocky so even today, there is still an opening in the trees.
Elevation: 4,208 feet
Photos taken: August 2, 1936
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Looking Southeast - August 2, 1936
Looking Southwest - August 2, 1936
Humphrey Lookout
Kelly Butte Lookout
Meadow Mountain Lookout
Goat Mountain
Rooster Comb Mountain
Approximated location
Rooster Comb Mountain was on maps as far back as 1915.