I did not go to the correct location so I will be going back. I was in the area but did not have my notes, pictures or maps. By memory, thought it was a lower point but when I got home, to my horror it was the higher point. I wasn't even planning on accessing it from Cloudy Pass but instead by Suiattle Pass. What I learned is there is a good trail from Cloudy Pass all the way to the proposed lookout site at 6,840+. I guess it should also be said (although ovious) that the Cloudy Peak site is not on Cloudy Peak but across the pass from it. This was one of the most promising unknown lookout locations to be checked in the Cascades. GoogleEarth hints of something being up there. Nobody has ever reported a lookout being there. I suspect it may have been a camp or maybe nothing at all, and yes, it is highly unlikely any structure was ever there, but let us at least check. The location is one of the most remote in the Cascades.
Elevation: Cloudy Pass 6,438 feet, lookout site 6840+
Distance: Various miles
Former Lookouts
Washington Fire Lookouts

Cloudy Peak - Considered Location

cloudy pass cloudy pass plummer mountain Cloudy Peak cloudy pass cloudy pass cloudy pass
Looking North to Cloudy Peak and down to Cloudy Pass from the first knob south
Looking North 1934
Point 6840+
This is the correct location. Saw the trail continuing up, its just another few hundred feet.
Looking Southeast 1934
Looking Southeast from the knob just south of Cloudy Pass
Looking Southwest 1934
The large wood box at the bottom has no fresh snow on it so likely the box that holds the camera or other equipment.
Looking Southeast from the knob just south of Cloudy Pass
Plummer Mountain and Sitting Bull Mountain to the West
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cloudy peak map lyman lakes Agnes Peak Cloudy Pass Trail
Map for the location of the 1934 images
Looking to Lyman Lakes from the Cloudy Pass Trail
Agnes Peak
Proposed lookout site 6840+ from the bump at 6,600 feet
Spider Gap
Chiwawa Mountain
Fortress Mountain
Has snow on it