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The Ohop Benchmark was once the site of a lookout tower. Today, the excellent views are still there and it makes for an incredible destination. The only issue might be the ownership. I think the tree farm was purchased by Hancock Timber and it is now in their Eatonville Forest, where a permit is required. I can't find my pictures for this one but the summit has grand views. I was up there late one evening after classes while attending UW Pack Forest. I'm sure I had a camera on the trip.

Ohop Benchmark

Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,200 feet
Summit Elevation: 2,335 feet
Road Access: Paved/Good Gravel
From Eatonville, go east from the town 4 way stop. At the edge of town is the Weyerhauser Road going north becoming 419th St. E. Follow it to the gate.
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Route shown on the map is via roads and avoids any bushwhacking. The Nicholson Horse Trail System is another option but requires a long but interesting hike up from the Sahara Creek Horse Camp.
ohop lookout map Eatonville Forest Map eatonville road map
Hancock Timberlands Map showing their Eatonville Forest properties
The lookout was built in 1937, a 70' timber tower with L-6 cab and accompanying ground cabin living quarters. Removed in 1969.
Historical Info: