East Tiger Mountain

The highest point in Tiger Mountain State Forest is East Tiger Mountain. With communication towers dotting the summit, it isn't much of a hiking destination anymore. But, if you like to mountain bike, the summit is part of a extremely popular loop trip. I don't have any pictures from my hike, will bike up again and take some soon.

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Former Lookouts
Puget Highpoints
Summit Elevation: 3,004 feet
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation gain: 1,600 feet
Access: Paved
For being one of the closest lookouts to Seatle, you would think there would be more images available. Being so close, there are many old hiking books that reference this lookout as a destination. The lookout tower was built in 1945, it was a 83 foot high creosoted ring connected treated timber 14 x 14 L-4 cab. It was destroyed in 1967.
Fire Lookout
Take Highway 18 to Tiger Summit. If biking loop or no discover pass, start at the parking lot next to the highway. If hiking, there is a parking lot 2 minutes up the left road (see map).
Arlene Brandal was a lookout in 1961, the lights of Puget Sound every night must have been such a contrast compaired to other lookouts.
Tiger Mountain East Tiger Mountain Arlene Brandal tiger mountain map
Images above & below: from Lookouts: Firewatchers of the Cascades & Olympics
Above: Summit benchmark

Right: 1957 USGS Map

Below: Trail map of area, start at Tiger Summit and go up roads 4 miles to the triangle.