nannie ridge nannie ridge

Nannie Peak & Nannie Ridge Lookout Site

Lookout elevation: 6,106 feet
Elevation Gain: 2,100+ feet
Distance: 3.5 miles
Access: Good Gravel
Nannie Peak is one of the easiest peaks in the Goat Rocks Wilderness. It's considerably lower than most of the others, so its more of a hike to view the Goat Rocks peaks. The summit has a mix of trees and meadows, you have to hike to both the south and north ends to get the full view. The north end has a perfect mountain view of the higher peaks while the south view is of Mount Adams and the location of a former fire lookout. It was built in 1934, an L-4 cab that was removed or burned sometime in the 1960's.
Former Lookouts
West of Packwood 2.7 miles is Forest Road 21. Follow this very good gravel road for 21 miles then take a left on paved Forest Road 2160 and follow to lake. The route should be signed.
The trailhead sign says the Nannie Ridge Trail is just 70 yards down the Walupt Lake Trail. Walk it and turn left on Nannie Ridge Trail #98. Now its 3 miles of forested walking uphill to the crossing of the Nannie ridgeline. Look for the old lookout trail cutting left. The main trail will be dropping down and there will be a camping spot on the right. Follow the lookout trail up the ridge, below some cliffs and up to the forested summit. For views of the Goat Rocks, go right, for the lookout site go left.
South Cascades
nannie park map nannie ridge
Southwest 1936
North 2015
nannie ridge nannie ridge
North 1936
nannie ridge
Southeast 1936
wilderness Mt. Adams goat rocks
Goat Rocks from the north viewpoint
nannie ridge trail telephone telephone
Southeast 2015
Southwest 2015
View from the lookout to a fire east of Mt. Adams
former lookout history lake
On the lookout trail, perch above is the location
Located in the area of the 1936 North panoramic
Lookout location with foundations
benchmark nannie nannie ridge
Meadows and forests up near the summit are really nice
High lake along Nannie Rdige
Along the trail
Along the trail
Another old post