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Abandoned around 1950, this lookout may have remained undisturbed for 65 years. The location on Blackjack Ridge is so obscure, there really isn't any reason people would come across the site. How it was accessed is currently a mystery. The location is odd as much of the site is surrounded by old-growth timber. On the lookout point is a scattering of bolts, wires, metal, the stove pipe and even the wood stove nearby. Getting to it is quite an adventure, not one for the average hiker.
From Granite Falls follow the Mountain Loop Highway east for 18 miles to Forest Road 4030 (the turnoff is just before Red Bridge and is easy to miss). Continue just under a mile on pavement to a pull-out on the left at a major bend in the road. Park here where an old road has been barricaded.
Elevation: 3,100 feet
Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,700 feet
Road Access: Paved
Walk the old road (now a trail) for about a mile, crossing Blackjack Creek on an old log bridge that is partly collapsing. Continue on the road as it curves right to a switchback, then a right curve to a Y in the road. The right uphill direction is the one you want (find a trail just behind the berm. Proceed up the upper road but the trail quickly leaves the road going to a hunters camp. Fight the brush for 5 minutes up the road before cutting left to cut off a super long brushy switchback (see map). Follow the upper road until you are below the ridge that leads to the lookout (shown on map). Good open 2rd growth forest can be followed up the ridge until you reach the old growth. At times, the terrain is very steep as you weave between or around forested cliffs. Follow the ridge up until you reach the flat plateau shown on contour maps at 3,100 feet. BUT, where the ridge pops you out is actually a slightly higher knob, and the lookout was on top of the knob.
Mtn. Loop Hwy.
The wood stove is around 200 feet down the knob to the east. Other artifacts are in that area too.
Finding the wood stove
blackjack ridge pano Blackjack Creek blackjack ridge map blackjack ridge pano mountain loop old-growth trees
Above: Climbing up the 2nd growth
Bridge over Blackjack Creek failing
Hiking the old road near the start
Climbing up the old-growth
North - 2014
Looking North - 1935
Looking Southwest - 1935
Southwest - 2014
anc seattle blackjack wood stove Oil drum blackjack view blackjack view
Black = Road Blue = Old Road Yellow = Off road
Found the wood stove about 200 feet east of the lookout as I was doing my outer perimeter search.
Lang Manufacturing Company of Seattle was established in 1904 by Frank S. Lang, who built his first wood-burning stove in 1880 for the Alaskan Gold Rush camps. In 1907, the first patented Lang stove was produced to serve the U.S. Navy transporter - SS Dix. The company thrived by providing the highest-quality, affordable cooking and baking equipment on the market, while serving some of the most demanding customers.
Oil drum about 150 feet from the site
Metal work blackjack
I followed a thick cable to this huge tightner that was 30 feet down the ridge I came up
Metal work
Bucket stove pipe
The stove pipe
eye bolt iron bars lookout site lookout site