Stevenson High School Photos

Located in downtown Stevenson in the Columbia Gorge, the roof of the old high school was the site of photos taken early in the Osborne Photo Survey in 1929. If the roof was used as a patrol point during summers, no evidence has yet revealed itself. Maybe the records of its use are in Oregon, since that seems to be where most of the view is located from the building. Maybe the school had a program for high school seniors to learn the craft and tools of fire fighting. Whatever the reason these photos were taken, it would be a nice piece of history to know. The building was built around 1910. The High School moved out of this building and into a new one in 1956 so the class of 56 was the last one to attend all four years in this building. You can find the field where the building was located right downtown on the hill behind the Skamania County Courthouse, on the elementary school property.
Former Lookouts
Washington Fire Lookouts
Looking Northeast 1929
Looking Northwest 1929
Looking South 1929
Stevenson High Stevenson High Stevenson High High School Stevenson wa stevenson washington High School Stevenson school
Stevenson High
Stevenson Elementary
The Gym
Foundations still visible on from the air
Stevenson school in back
stevenson wa map rock wall
The Rock Wall
Stevenson High School 1926
Stevenson wa Stevenson wa Stevenson wa
Looking Northeast 2015
Looking Northwest 2015
Looking South 2015
In the NE pano with guy crouching down