grassy knoll map

Grassy Knoll Trail & Lookout Site

Elevation: 3,649 feet
Distance: 2.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet in, 200 out
Access: Good dirt with potholes
A large meadowy knoll with views over the Columbia Gorge south to Mount Hood and nice shots east to Mount Adams, on a trail that was once the Pacific Crest Trail. The Grassy Knoll is no summit destination but it once had a lookout, so the views should be grand. The lookout was a 10 foot wooden L-4 cab built in 1934, then replaced by a 20 foot wooden L-4 cab in 1952. No word yet on when it was destroyed. This hike can be continued further if you are just getting warmed up. In another 3 miles is the newer Pacific Crest Trail and a short climb to the top of Big Huckleberry Mountain, another former lookout site but with limited views.
Former Lookouts
From Willard on Road No. 66, go 2 miles north then turn left on Road No. 68. Go 7.2 miles to the trailhead. From Carson, take the Wind River Highway north 4 miles, taking a right on Bear Creek Road. Follow for around 11 miles to an intersection at Triangle Pass & Road 68. Turn left and follow 2 miles to the trailhead.
South Cascades
Washington Fire Lookouts
Looking Southeast 1934
Looking Southwest 1934
Looking North 1934
Southeast 2015
Southwest 2015
North 2015
The trail starts in a meadow but quickly enters the forest climbing up the ridge. At about a mile, the trail passes a quarry that once was a good access point, but overgrowing now. Next the trail passes an old clear-cut before reaching the first knoll at 1.5 miles which offers some views north and east. Some ups and downs gets you to the main attraction, Grassy Knoll. Wildflowers, distant views and remnants of the lookout should keep you entertained for awhile.
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Big Lava Field
Big Huckleberry Mtn.
Big Lava Field, Little Huckleberry Mountain & Mount Adams
Grassy Knoll and the lookout is back!
Grassy Knoll in 1964
Grassy Knoll in 1949
All 4 anchors still there
June flowers
Looking over the Columbia to Mount Hood