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This group of peaks includes the Deep Creek Range, Fish Springs Range, Confusion Range, House Range and Conger Range. It is bound by I-80 to the north, Highway 6 to the south, the Utah boarder to the west and Highway 174/Fish Springs Flat to the east.

Utah Western Peaks with 2,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

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Western Desert Utah Map
Swasey Peak
Notch Peak
Ibapah Peak
George H. Hansen Peak
Western Desert North Elevation Climbed
12,087 8/02/2008 
Red Mountain A 
Trout Benchmark A  11,324   
Rocky Peak A  10,748   
10621  10,621   
10,462  10,462   
Swasey Peak  9,669 2/28/2009 
Notch Peak 9,654 2/28/2009 
George H. Hansen Peak 8,523  3/14/2009 
Howell Peak  8,350   
Conger Mountain  8,144   
Dutch Mountain  7,794  2/13/2010 
Ochre Mountain  7,540   
7420 "North Bullgrass" 7,420  
Montezuma Peak  7,370   
Plympton Ridge Highpoint  7,197   
6940  6,940   
Middle Range Highpoint  6,830   
Utah Peak  6,722 

Notch Peak

Swasey Peak

George H. Hansen Peaks

Ibapah Peak & Haystack Peak

Notch Peak Utah George H. Hansen Peak
Peaks with 1,000+ foot Prominence
Swasey Peak Utah
Looking south to Notch from Swasey
Ibapah Peak

Dutch Mountain & Woodman Peak

Rocky Point, Elephant Knoll, Ferber Hills HP, Utah Rock

Elephant Knoll, Rocky Point Dutch Mountain Utah