Wah Wah Mountains
Between Pine Valley and Wah Wah Valleys are the Wah Wah Mountains. Basically, they are a range west of Beaver Utah, near the Nevada border. There isn't much around and they are quite remote. The highpoint is easily reached by a south slope route that is likely to be snow free early in the season. There is some interesting mining sites near the trailhead as well.

Wah Wah Mountains Highpoint

Distance: 1.7 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,800 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,393 feet
Access: Level 3
From Milford, take Highway 21 west. Zero your odometer at the Oak Tree Inn Motel at the west end of town. Drive 34 miles or so, just pass mile marker 42. Turn left on the Pine Valley Road. Zero odometer. Drive 4.6 miles to an odd 4 way intersection, veer left. Drive to 10.5 miles from the pavement where you should find a road cutting off left, heading to the Wah Wah Mountains. In 2.5 miles, there is a sign saying "Pine Grove 3 miles". Keep going, stay on the main road and it will take you into the canyon. Drive all the way to the pass or park before at a lower elevation but a more direct route.
Utah Climbing
You can start at the pass doing a long traverse over several humps or you can park before the pass and take a ridge or creek up to the summit ridge. Either way, the going is fairly straightforward except for a few cliffs (shown on the map). The route shown traverses below them, then gains the ridge top. The summit has quite a few trees nearby so you would have some security during a possible thunderstorm day. Most of the route is brush free but you have do some weaving here and there to find open spots. Expect a few scratches.
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Prominence Peaks
Highpoint is in there somewhere
Wah Wah map Top of Wah Wah climbing Wah Wah South Wah Wah Mtns. Frisco Peak Wah Wah summit Summit cairn Hiking Wah Wah Indian Peak Views from Wah Wah Mining town ruins Wah Wah access map
Summit marker with Indian Peak in the distance
Frisco Peak to the northeast
First view of the summit from point 8513
On the summit ridge
South to peak 9135
Summit cairn
Southwest to Indian Peak
Looking northwest
Looking southeast
Mining ruins