Highway 2 Hiking & Climbing

This page covers some hiking and climbing options for trips along the Highway 2 corridor from Monroe to the head of Tumwater Canyon near the Lake Wenatchee turn-off at Coles Corner.

Highway 2 Hiking & Climbing Trips

Washington Hikes
Tonga Ridge Trail
Mac Peak
Troublesome & Double Toil
Haystack Mountain - TOC Rock
Beckler Peak Trail
Evergreen Mountain
Mount Baring
Johnson Ridge Trail
Mount Stickney
Haybrook Lookout Trail
Cleveland Mountain
West Cady Ridge
Mineral Butte
Index-Beckler Loop Access
Mount Baring Beckler Peak Cleveland Mountain Evergreen Mountain Haybrook Lookout Haystack Mountain Johnson Ridge Labyrinth Mountain Lichtenberg Mountain Mac Peak Mineral Butte McCausland Rock Mountain Union & Jove Sky Mountain Stickney Tonga Ridge Troublesome Welldiggers Ass West Cady Ridge
Union & Jove Peaks
Rock Mountain
Lichtenberg Mountain
Stevens Pass Area
Sky Mountain
Labyrinth Mountain
Mount McCausland
Welldiggers Ass

Trips on the Horizon:

Blue Mountain (Sultan)
Wallace Falls State Park Trails
Ten-Four Mountain (Winter Trip)
Mt. Index
Palmer Mountain (Winter Trip)
Nina/Pinta/Zekes (Winter Trip)
Philadelphia Mountain (Winter Trip)
Merchant Peak
Gunn Peak
Townsend Mountain
Mt. Fernow & Alpine Baldy
Frog & Silica Mountain (Winter Trip) or wait for new trail up Frog
San Juan/Quarter Dome/El Capitan (Winter Trip)
Skykomish Peak/June/Kodak/Cady/Long John/Bald Eagle Loop
Fortune Mountain
Kyes Peak
Spire Mountain & Conglomerate Point
Red 5447/Red 5576
Crosby Mountain (second attempt)
Bald Eagle 6259
Atrium/St.Agnes Ridge/Tourmaline/Camp Robber/5560+
Otter Point/Peak 5243/La Bahn Peak
Tye/Spinnaker/Windy Mtn Traverse
Cowboy Mtn./Big Chief Mtn. (Winter Trip)
Arrowhead Mountain (Winter Trip)
Jim Hill Mountain (re-attempt)
Nasikelt/Lux/Lumiere/Sopwith Camel
Thunder/Thor Peak/K9/Nimbus
Big Chiwaukum
Nason Ridge (Winter Trip)
Alpine Lookout glacier lake pct surpirse mountain
Alpine Lookout
PCT - Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass
Surprise & Glacier Lake
Surprise, Spark Plug & Liberation Peak
Highwire Ridge Maloney Lakes
West Beckler Peak
Maloney Lakes
Highwire Ridge
West Beckler