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Beckler Peak Trail - East Peak

Soon to become one of the most popular trails in the Wild Sky Wilderness, Beckler Peak is just off Highway 2 east of Skykomish. Recently, a very nice hiking trail was built to the summit using old logging roads and an old abandoned trail. With a nice grade and only a fair amount of elevation gain, this is a good family summit hike.
Distance: 3.5 miles
Summit Elevation: 5,062 feet
Elevation Gain: 2,200 feet
Access: Nice gravel
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The trail starts on an abandoned road that is looking more like a trail each year. After 2 miles, the trail reaches an open logging landing with views before entering virgin old growth. Now the hike is through a scenic forest climbing several switchbacks to reach the ridge to the summit. A bit of traversing and a few more switchbacks get you to the summit. The top is just above the trees so the views are excellent in all directions.
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Mount Fernow
Evergreen Mountain
Glacier Peak
North Beckler and the Monte Cristo Peaks
Two peaks of the "Middle Summit" with the highest peak on the left
West Peak
Middle Peak HP
Middle Peak Sub-summit
Looking west at the other Beckler Peaks (pic below is a zoom in)
East to Alpine Baldy and Mt. Fernow
Rock steps near the summit
Upper trail to Beckler East Peak
Trail to Beckler Peak
End of the logging roads as it enters the old growth, looking up to the ridge to the summit
Only view in route to the summit from the old logging platform
Spire Mountain and Spire Peak
Looking south into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Looking east up the Hwy 2 corridor
From Skykomish, continue east for 3.1 miles. Make a left onto FR-6066. Although a sign marks the road just before, there is no turn lane, it is on a curve and the road is in a break in the guardrails, keep a sharp eye. Follow the road for 6.8 miles to the end at the Jennifer Dunn Trailhead.
The summit of Beckler has several highpoints. The trail takes you to the East summit which is slightly lower than the highest point to the west. To reach the highest point is a technical climb and it isn�t easy to even access from the East Peak. The views aren�t any better from there so most enjoy the east summit, satisfied. Back from 1924 to 1958 a lookout was stationed on the far west point on the ridge near pt. 4950.
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