Alpine Lookout

Highway 2
Highway 2 Hiking Trips
Distance: 5 miles one-way
Summit Elevation: 6,235 feet
Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet RT
Access: Good Gravel Road
This high point on Nason Ridge with 1,150 feet of prominence has a lookout building called Alpine Lookout. Over time, the mountain is discussed more in terms of the name of the lookout than Nason Ridge. Probably because Nason Ridge continues west with higher points like Mount Mastiff, Mount Howard and Rock Mountain. To add more names, the trail is called the Round Mountain Trail, named after a small summit the trail traverses while in route to the lookout site. This lookout site dates back to 1920 when it was uses for spotting fire, and the first building placed in 1936. The current structure was built in 1976, still staffed during summer months and is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.
From Stevens Pass, drive around 17 miles east to the Nason Creek Rest Area. Just a bit further east is an unmarked dirt road. Turn left (this is FR 6910), called Butcher Creek Road in places as it passes several private driveways. After 4.4 miles along the Forest Road, there is a "Y" intersection. Go right, and in 0.1 miles is the trailhead & parking area.
The trail starts in heavy forest and encounters a small spring within a few minutes. This may be the only water depending on season. At 1.6 miles is a junction with the Nason Ridge Trail. Turn left and follow the Nason Ridge Trail for 3.3 miles to a final junction with the Alpine Lookout Trail. Hike up final 0.3 miles to the summit at 6,237 feet. Note that the majority of uphill is during the first half of the hike.
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White River Valley Nason Ridge
Jim Hill Mountain
Chiwaukum Mountains
Burn area
Round Mountain Trail
Views from the Nason Ridge Trail
Round Mountain Trailhead
Round Mountain
View toward Leavenworth
A very nice Heli-Pad on the summit
Dirtyface Peak and Lake Wenatchee
White River Valley
Looking west along Nason Ridge from the lookout
Chiwaukum Mountains
First view of lookout
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