Teanaway & Hwy 97 Hiking & Climbing

This page covers some hiking and climbing options for trips in the Teanaway and trips accessed from Highway 97 between I-90 and Hwy 2.

Teanaway and Highway 97 Trips

Washington Hikes
Esmeralda, DeRoux & Koppen
Earl, Bean, Marys & Volcanic Neck
Diamond Head & Mount Lillian
Jester Mountain & Teanaway Ridge
Iron Mountain & Teanaway (Genes) Peak
Iron & Serpentine Mountains
bean peak Diamond Head Esmeralda Iron Mountain Serpentine Jester Mountain Lookout Malcolm miller Mount Stuart Ingalls Peak Red Top Roughhouse Ingalls Peak
Navaho, Miller & Freedom Peaks
Lookout Mountain
Malcolm & Johnson Mountains
Red Top Mountain
Mount Stuart
Ingalls Peak North
Ingalls Peak South
Highway 97 Access
Teanaway Access
Old Pass Hill/Cairn Hill (Winter Trip)
Tiptop (Winter Trip)
Swauk RIdge Highpoint (Winter Trip)
Tronsen Head (Winter Trip)
Top Future Trips:


Highway 97

Teanaway Butte/Tarzan Butte (Winter Trip)
Three Brothers
Bills Peak (redo)
Elbow Peak
Boundary Butte Wedge Mountain
Boundary Butte
Wedge Mountain