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Earl Peak, Bean Peak, Volcanic Neck, Mary's

The Teanaway is full of trails and easy mountain tops. This specific area is full of little scrambles that hikers usually combine for loops and a multi-summit day. These three can be done as a loop from the Beverly Creek Trailhead. Other named highpoints are nearby, some which qualify for mountain status, while others are just named bumps.
Distance: 10 miles RT
Summit Elevations: 7,036 6,743, 6,600 feet
Elevation Gain: 4,000+ feet for all 4
Access: Good Gravel most of the way (bumpy at end)
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There are all kinds of ways you can do these once you are higher up. I started with Earl Peak , hiking a half mile up Beverly Creek , then a right on the Bean Creek Trail. Follow it 3.5 miles to a broad ridge south of Earl Peak at 6,200 feet. Then go up the ridge to the summit of Earl Peak on a small climbers trail. From there, you can scramble the ridge over to Bean Peak or drop onto the north slopes and hit a trail that will go up to the ridge for Volcanic Neck. Volcanic Neck has some class 3 climbing. There are several gullies on the east and west side that are used to reach the top. I used one on the west side near the south end. Bean Peak can easily be ascended from the north side. The Bean Creek Trail is directly below on the south side and can be descended directly to reach (see map).
From Hwy 97, turn onto the North Fork Teanaway River road and follow to end of pavement at a Y. Go right and drive for about 3 miles on gravel. Turn right on the Beverly Creek road #172 just before crossing Beverly Creek . The Beverly Turnpike Trail is at the end of the road.
Bean Peak Earl Peak Map
Bean Creek Trail Volcanic Neck Mount Stuart Bean Stuart Enchantments Summit of Earl Peak Volcanic Neck Volcanic Neck Iron Peak Iron Peak Enchantments Colechuck and Dragontail Genes Peak Bill Peak Earl Peak Navaho Peak Mary's Peak
Bean Peak from the Bean Creek Trail
Volcanic Neck
Mount Stuart
Mary's on left, Bean on the right from Earl Peak
Stuart from Earl Peak
Navaho Peak
Enchantments from Earl Peak
Summit of Earl Peak
Volcanic Neck
Volcanic Neck
Iron Peak
Iron Peak
Teanaway/Genes Peak
Bill Peak
Earl Peak from Bean
Mary's Peak
Colechuck and Dragontail
Argonaut, Colechuck, Dragontail, Little Annapurna, McClellan Peak
Below: Map of area peaks. Forgot to draw the route between Bean and Mary on the ridge. I dropped down off Mary.