genes peak
Take the Teanaway road north around ten miles to just past the 29 Pines camping area on the left. Just past the 29 Pines camping area go left onto National Forest road 9737 and take it up roughly 10 miles all the way to the De Roux Creek Campground. There is a short spur road to the trailhead, right near the campground and horse stables.

Iron Peak & Teanaway Peak (Genes Peak)

Distance: 3+ miles
Elevation Gain: 3,000+ feet
Summit Elevation: 6,510 & 6,779 feet
Access: Good Gravel Washington Hiking & Climbing

Here are two summits that are an easy combination that make for a good outing. Both have outstanding views. Iron is a simple hike while Teanaway requires a bit of scrambling. Teanaway/Genes is one of those peaks with two local names.
Hike up the Iron Peak Trail to the saddle between Iron and Teanaway. For Iron Peak, it's a simple hike along the ridge up to the summit. There is a climbers trail on this ridge. For Teanaway Peak, the scramble starts by traversing a bit around the east side. Soon you'll encounter gullies and the route climbs these to the summit. Snow makes it easier, they are reported to be full of loose rock and gravel in the summer. Either way, the route is just a scramble whichever conditions you encounter.
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Teanaway Peak Map
Iron Peak Summit
Volcanic Neck, Bean Peak, Mary and Judy Peaks
Bills Peak
Ridgeline up Iron Peak
Iron Pass
Dozer on the summit of Iron Peak
Iron Peak summit
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Teanaway Peak from Iron Peak
Summit of Iron Peak
Iron Peak from Bean Peak
Teanaway Peak from Bean Peak
Iron Peak Bills Peak Iron Pass Volcanic Neck,  Bean Peak Teanaway Peak Iron Peak hike Iron Peak summit Iron Peak summit Iron Peak summit Iron Peak Teanaway Peak Iron Peak Iron Mountain summit
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Iron Mountain
Teanaway/Genes Peak
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