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Why it's called Roughhouse Mountain I don't know because it is anything but rough. Climbing up is relatively simple, snowmobiles usually have packed down the road. There are no steep slopes to worry about or views for that matter making this a perfect foul weather winter trip. There is a large communication building on the summit. Roughhouse is climbed because it makes it as #94 on the "Back Court" list, the 100 highest peaks on the backside of the Cascades between I-90 and Hwy 2. Roughhouse is also often combined with two other minor peaks to the east, but they are easily accessed from Blewett Pass as well.

Roughhouse Mountain

Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,800 feet
Summit Elevation: 4,780 feet
Take exit 85 off I-90 east of Cle Elum. Follow highway 970. In around 10 miles, the highway becomes highway 97. Follow it north 9.5 miles. Forest Road 9715 will be on the left (north) side. That is the starting point but you'll need to find parking. Some years, they plow parking spots on both sides of the highway here. If not, you'll need to travel another half mile or so up the highway to the Swauk Campground to a Sno-Park lot. Either way, you'll need a Sno-Park pass in winter.
Getting There:
Follow roads as shown on the map below. Easy terrain to follow and navigate.
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Private cabin in the area
Views to the east
Open area in route
Summit building
Arriving at the summit
Starting along the highway
Ski trip
Snowshoe trip
Skiing up the road