North & Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valleys

This page covers many hiking and climbing options in the North Fork and Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valleys. Access to both these areas is from North Bend.

Middle Fork & North Fork Snoqualmie River Hiking & Climbing Trips

Washington Hikes
Revolution Peak
Moolock Mountain
Canoe Peak
Preacher Mountain
Quartz Mountain
Bare Mountain
Mailbox Peak
Big Snow Mountain
Bessemer Mountain
Choirboy (Stegosaurus Butte)
Green Mountain
Lennox Mountain
North Fork Snoqualmie River Valley
Lions Mane/Pelletgun Hill
McClain Peaks

Middle Fork Snoqualmie

Russian Butte
Mount Price (Winter-ish Trip)
Sorcery Peak (Winter-ish Trip)
Galleon Mountain & Floating Rock (Winter-ish Trip)
Little Bulger
Morpheus & Cascade Mountain
East Garfield & Treen Peak
Garfield (Backside Route)
Bare Mountain Bessemer Big Snow Canoe Peak Choirboy Green Mountain Lennox Mailbox Peak McClain Peaks Moolock lions mane Preacher Mountain Quartz Mountain Revolution Peak
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley

North Fork Snoqualmie

Dog Mountain (Winter-ish Trip)
Goat Mountain (Winter-ish Trip)
Twin Peaks (Winter-ish Trip)

Trips on the Horizon: