Take exit 34 off I-90, going east on 468th ave. through the truck stops for a half mile. Turn right on the Middle Fork Road. In a mile the road splits, go right as the road narrows and soon becomes dirt at the Mailbox Peak trailhead. Now on FSR 56, drive 10 miles to a bridge. After crossing, go right for another 6.5 miles to the Dingford Trailhead and gate.

Big Snow Mountain

Distance: 6+ miles
Elevation Gain: 5,280 feet
Summit Elevation: 6,680 feet
Access: Gravel...soon to be paved
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Big Snow Mountain located in the Alpine Lakes wilderness lies between 2 major drainages, the Middle Fork Snoqualmie and Dingford Creek. Wherever you climb in the region, you can always spot Big Snow Mountain. No trails get anywhere near the summit so it is a scramblers peak, one you'll probably see few people on, especially since you can't see it from any roads. The route described makes for a long day but an overnight at one of the lakes could make this a nice camping trip.
The trail switchbacks steeply up the hill through a second growth forest for one mile. After crossing the wilderness boundary, the trail continues gradually through an old growth forest. At 3.2 miles the trail junctions with the Hester Lake Trail. The Dingford Creek Trail continues left another two miles to Myrtle Lake. From there, it's off trail up to Big Snow Lake. This gets steep just before the lake and brushy in places. Go right around the lake and ascend chutes to the upper mountain rock fields. It's all class 2 scrambling.
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Lake Dorothy & the East Fork Miller River
Looking east across the Alpine Lakes Wilderness
Looking southeast to Chimney Rock and Overcoat Peak
Climbing a crack instead of the easier ways on both sides
Big Snow Lake
Big Snow Mountain Map
Route up from Myrtle Lake trail
Below: Trail up Dingford Creek
Dingford Creek Map Big Snow Mountain Big Snow Lake Big Snow Lake Chimney rock & Overcoat Peak Alpine Lakes Wilderness East Fork Miller River Chimney Rock
Big Snow Lake
Moving rocks climbing big snow