Probably the number one reason to visit Westport is the beaches. Sometimes in Washington, you need to just get out of the trees and see for a long distances. Whatever your beach activity, Westport beaches have plenty of room to have a section all to yourself. There are many public access points and most beaches allow you to drive the beach. Below are other fun activities to do in Westport.

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The top tourist spot in Westport is the Marina. One side is the marina, the other is full of touristy shops, galleries, eateries and antique stores. Boats are always coming and going, bringing in the bounty of fish caught for the day. Those on tour are always taking pictures of their catch so you can get an idea of what is out there by watching. A nice boardwalk parallels the marina.
Westhaven Shops & Marina
At the furthist point you can drive past the tourist shops is a parking area for Float 20. This is the best public pier to walk to see what the fisherman are up to, as well as get the best view of the entrance to Grays Harbor. The boardwalk seems to stretch a half mile to the end.
Float 20 & Fishermans Boardwalk
Westport built a nice lookout tower at the end of the shops in the marina area. A quick climb will get you well above the town for views of the surrounding area.
Lookout Tower
One of the best features Westport offers, the Dunes Trail is 2.5 miles of pavement going from the marina in Westport south to the Westport Lighthouse. The route follows the coastline beaches, passes through two state parks, and ends at the lighthouse. Walk or bike this trail! It starts at the lookout tower.
Dunes Trail
Westport has a small aquarium which displays many of the different fish that live off of the coast. It is located near the Marina.
Westport Aquarium
This lighthouse was commissioned in 1897. It stands at 107 feet tall, and is the tallest lighthouse in Washington, the third tallest on the West Coast. 135 metal stairs bolted to the wall lead to the lantern room. The grounds are free to walk but going up has a fee.
Westport Lighthouse
Charter fishing and whale watching are very popular in Westport. Many tours are offered.
Charter Fishing
The Westport Maritime Museum is located in the historic Coast Guard Station built in 1939. The museum is the home of the amazing Destruction Island lighthouse lens. It was built in France in 1888, shipped by boat to Destruction Island north of Westport, and used from 1891 to 1995. The museum showcases exhibits on the maritime history of the area.
Westport Maritime Museum
Twin Harbors State Park
Grayland Beach State Park
Westhaven - Westport Light State Park
Bottle Beach State Park
Twin Harbors State Park is the best campground in the area for tent campers. A majority of the sites are for tents, not RVs. Twin Harbors also has the best hiking trails, both in the sand dunes and the sand dune forests.
Most people pass Bottle Beach State Park shortly before arriving at Westport. It is a day use park that offers excellent wildlife viewing. A nice boardwalk takes you 0.7 miles to the beach on Grays Harbor. The water level at lower tides makes this an interesting place to venture out well into Grays Harbor.
Grayland Beach State Park is a beautiful campground and where to stay if you are in an RV or want to sleep in a yurt. The beach is similar to everywhere else and the state park as few amenities other than camping.
These two state parks offer beach access and day use. Westhaven is where the Washington surf community hangs out surfing and kite boarding. Half Moon Bay in Westhaven State Park is peaceful and vehicle free.
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Westport Lookout Tower
Half Moon Bay from the Lookout Tower
Boats coming in with their Salmon
Shops across from the Marina
Westport Marina
Crab pots
Westport Memorial
Westport Marina and shops from the Lookout Tower
Seals in the Marina
Entrance to Grays Harbor
Float 20
Fishermans Boardwalk
Westport Lighthouse
Westport Map with the marina and shops at the top in Westhaven
Row of flags at the Montesano Street entrance to Westport
Bottle Beach
Float 20
Half Moon Bay