Westport Dunes Trail

This 2.5 mile paved trail makes visiting Westport a far better experience if you can manage it. The trail starts in the touristy area of Westport, heads south passing through Westhaven State Park and continues ending in Westport Light State Park. The trail is family friendly with only a few little ups and downs, the Dunes Trail is even wheelchair-accessible. Along the way, you view the sand dunes, the beaches and admire the Pacific Ocean. The Westport Dunes Trail even makes for a good walking or bike loop. Do the trail, then follow the beach back, or go through town to get back.

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Dunes Bike Trail shown as a black line
Having fun along the way
Start of the trail at Westport Light State Park
Trailhead at Westhaven State Park
Beach is right off the trail in Westhaven State Park
Westhaven State Park
Start of the trail from the observation tower in Westport
At the north end of the trail starting from Westport/Westhaven area
Dunes Trail
Looking back at the Observation Tower in Westport
Many memorial benches along the way
Dunes Trail
Private lookout tower along the trail
Signs in Westhaven State Park
Dunes Trail
Dunes Trail heading south out of Westhaven State Park
Dunes Trail in Westport Light State Park
Dunes trail coming out of Westport Light State Park