Westhaven & Westport Light State Park

Westhaven State Park and Westport Light State Park are officially two separate parks but it is likely they will one day be combined or even transferred to the city of Westport. Over the years, Washington State Parks has transferred many state parks to local cities as they enlarge and became established enough to maintain and patrol them as city parks. These two parks have no camping or revenue stream, and with their proximity inside the city of Westport, someday they will change over from state to city. For now, they are two State Parks that are relatively undeveloped. Westhaven State Park is the Mecca for surfing at Westport. If you want to meet the small Washington surf community, hang out in the parking lot of Westhaven State Park. The park sits on the South Jetty so one side is big surf while the other is the much calmer cove of Half Moon Bay. If you are not here for the surfing and kite-boarding, you can do a nice loop by walking the Dune Trail for 1.3 miles to the south to Westport Light State Park. Then walk the beach back. Another option is to walk the Dune Trail north to Westhaven Shops & Marina, have lunch, then return. Other activities here include fishing, clamming, crabbing, beach combing and bird watching. Swimming is not advised due to variable currents and rip tides.
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Westport's Lighthouse Trail System - Dunes Trail
Entrance sign
Trip report for the:
Dunes Trail passing through the park
Half Moon Bay north end
Half Moon Bay south end
Kite Boarding
Kite Boarding
Westhaven State Park beach
Westhaven State Park beach
Beach trail
Dunes Trail
Welcome sign for Westport Light State Park
From Westhaven State Park looking south toward Westport Light State Park
Picnic area at Westport Light State Park
Start of the Dunes Trail at Westport Light State Park
Dunes Trail at Westport Light State Park
Dunes Trail at Westport Light State Park
Westport Lighthouse from the Dunes Trail
Westport Lighthouse - Tallest in Washington