Salmon Ridge Lookout - Moved to Buckley Foothills Museum
Deming - Moved to Forks Museum
Little Summit - Moved to Friday Harbor
Whitechuck Bench - sold as a vacation cabin in Reeces Hideaway
Stampede Pass - Sold to Highline School District/Camp Waskowitz in North Bend
Powderhorn - Moved to Clark Coll in Vancouver
Three Corner Rock - Sold to owner near Friday Harbor
Lorena Butte - Moved 0.34 mi West to private property
Chelan Butte - Moved to Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center
Flattop - Moved to Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center
Slide Ridge - Sold and moved away in 1939
Buttermilk Butte - Moved to ranch up the Twisp River
Franson Peak - Moved to Molson Museum
Graves Mountain - Moved to the Colville Museum
Skull & Crossbones - Sold to rancher in Horseshoe Basin
Sweetgrass Butte - Sold to a local resident
Chewelah Peak - Moved to NW Chewelah property
First Thought - Moved to the city park in Orient
Monumental Mountain - Sold to party east of Colville
Stranger Mountain - Moved to Colville Fairgrounds
Goat Peak lookout (Cle Elum area) - moved to this hilltop in the Teanaway Valley
Blyn Lookout - Now at Camp Beausite NW
Lookouts in Washington Moved From Other States
Ray Kresek - parts from ...........
Dave's Lookout - Dave Kresek - Spades Mountain Lookout, ID

Relocated Lookouts

Work in progress....might be errors right now.

Washington Fire Lookouts

Olympics & Willapa Hills Sites
Northeast Washington Lookout Sites
Southeast Washington Lookout Sites
The Standing Lookouts of the Cascades
footing alpine burley steliko
Badger Mountain Lookout - Moved to Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center
The Cascade Mountains Sites
Blyn Lookout Goat Peak Chelan Butte Stranger Mountain
Stranger Mountain Lookout - Colville Fairgrounds
Chelan Butte - Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center
Badger Mountain Lookout at the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center
Former Cascades LO
National Lookout - Maybe moved to Camp 6 Point missing
North Baldy - Top 30 feet at Big Meadow Lake west of Ione
Flagstaff - At boat ramp in Northport
Replica L-4 at the Pend Oreille County Historical Society museum in Newport WA