Deming Lookout at Forks Timber Museum

This lookout at the Forks Timber Museum came from near Bellingham, all the way across Puget Sound and the Olympics. It was transported in sections on a lowboy and put back together again. Although the tower is from far off, the interior furnishing and equipment in the tower are from the former local Sekiu Lookout, just north of Forks. The cab from Deming was built in 1965 and removed to Forks in 1985. The original plan for the Forks Timber Museum was to put the Sekiu Mountain lookout in the museum. It was blasted down by dynamite in such a manner as to save the lookout cab. The building was dismantled in large pieces and put in a pile while the tower parts of the lookout and other unusable pieces of the lookout were put in another pile to be burned. The crew that went to do the burning lit the wrong pile so the Sekiu lookout was destroyed.
Relocated Lookouts
deming lookout deming lookout Forks Timber Museum deming lookout Forks Timber Museum
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