Court of the Patriarchs Zion Natonal Park Map
Zion National Park sets the bar when it comes to massive rock walls and river carved sandstone. The park keeps you wrenching your neck back the entire time. The first time I visited, we never even left the car and it was an amazing experience. The second time was with my kids hiking the easy trails, wow how much I had missed the first time! The third time I visited, I hiked to the 2 best viewpoints high above the park. Wow, now I understood Zion, what an amazing place. Although there is lots to see from the shuttle and the viewpoints along the way, the only way to spend a full day or more at Zion is to hike some of the trails. Zion Canyon is narrow so most trails will have dramatic views don't have to even finish a trail to have a great experience on the typical trail here. This page has links to most of the trails that depart from the Zion Canyon portion of Zion National Park.
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Zion National Park

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Court of the Patriarchs viewpoint

Riverside Walk - Very Easy

Canyon Overlook- Easy

The Narrows - Moderate

Hidden Canyon - Moderate

Angels Landing - Crazy

Observation Point - Hard

Emerald Pools - Easy

Weeping Rock - Easy

View into Zion from above Watchman Campground
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Weeping Rock
Mountain at the entrance to Zion
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